Shark Pulse Training Mens Masturbator

$65.00 inc GST


  • Can be used flaccid or erect for those with erectile dysfunction
  • Oscillating vibrations for hand free orgasms
  • 3 patterns of powerful vibrations for customisable pleasure
  • Made from plush silicone for sensual body contact
  • 100% Waterproof for aquatic fun
  • USB rechargeable for convenient charging and travel

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Shark Pulse Training Mens Masturbator $65.00 inc GST

This innovative masturbator is a great alternative for those with Erectile Dysfunction, or limited mobility and grip.


You don’t need to stroke.

You don’t need an erection.

So, how does the Shark Pulse Training  Masturbator work?

The soft plush silicone expands to fit  and enclose around your penis. In the sensual grip, your shaft and sensitive frenulum sit against the vibrating plate. This sends out oscillating vibrations that envelop your penis in a chamber of echoing pleasure. Bring yourself to a body shuddering climax with the 3 powerful vibration patterns .

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