Magnus Extreme Stainless Steel Enema Tip

$85.00 inc GST


  • The Magnus stainless steel butt plug for enema pleasure is designed for lovers of a strong appearance through the back door, who want to enjoy the feeling of an enema
  • The sex toy promises deep stimulation and convince you of what it is worth
  • The Magnus stainless steel butt plug for enema enjoyment has been designed to be compatible with the most common enema systems
  • Connect a hose to the bottom of the instrument and fill it with your favorite liquid
  • The tapered tip of the plug is easy to position while the flared bottom keeps the toy in place
  • Comes with bag and hose

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Magnus Extreme Stainless Steel Enema Tip $85.00 inc GST

Very, very weighty, thrillingly firm and curvily, excitingly shaped for the most extreme stimulation imaginable, the Magnus Stainless Steel Enema Tip from the kink-geared Master Series is set to immeasurably enhance your next anal cleansing session.

Fitting easily into the default hose tip of most douche and enema bag systems, the Magnus is shaped into a seamlessly smooth, excitingly large, subtly tapered tip with a dramatic increase. Inserting smoothly and easily, Magnus widens the anal opening to an extreme degree as the curvy, extra slick body reaches it’s maximum thickness. A large base at the bottom of a thin, comfortable neck protects against too-deep penetration, facilitates easy, worry-free retrieval, and allows for easy and pleasurable manipulation.

Smooth, seamless contouring makes the immeasurably pleasurable shape exciting and stimulating, and thanks to the temperature sensitivity of stainless steel, the Magnus can be warmed or cooled before play. Stainless steel is amazingly hygienic, able to be easily sterilised via boiling or bleaching, it’s also immensely hardy and can stand up to a whole lot of enthusiastic handling. Any type of lubricant can technically be used, and you’ll find that much less than usual is needed, as the chrome plated steel won’t absorb anything at all. Simply avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this tool suitable for years and years of enjoyment.


  • Length – 4″
  • Insertable Length – 3.6″
  • Girth – 4.9″ around at largest
  • Width – 1 1/2″
  • Material – Chrome plated steel
  • Special Features – Slick surface, ultra durable, phthalate free
  • Colour – Silver