Deep Tissue Sports Mini Massage Gun

$75.00 inc GST


1. Includes 8 different massage heads to meet various needs.

2. Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, and increase blood circulation.

3. 30-speed adjustment, you can choose the speed that suits you.

4. Multi grip handle design

5. 1800mha  capacity lithium battery

6. LCD screen

7. Suitable for recovery from sports fatigue, rehabilitation after sports injury

8. Colour: Gold and Red

Deep Tissue Sports Mini Massage Gun $75.00 inc GST

Deep Tissue Sports Mini Massage Gun

The massage gun is used to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, and promote blood and lymph circulation. For athletes, it can speed up recovery after sports and sports injuries.

For personal use, this is a physiotherapy gun that improves the overall health of the human soft tissues and prevents inflammation caused by adhesions between the fascia and muscles. 8 replaceable massage heads and 20 adjustable speed levels]:

The massager is equipped with 8 different shaped massage heads, which can help users relax different parts of the body. The front fork massage head is designed for the spine; flat, any part of the body; bullet head for joints; first round for large muscle groups; users can change the speed of the massage gun as needed. .

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Gold, Red